Life Sciences

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Lindahl's life sciences group is one of Sweden's most prominent in terms of both expertise and capacity and is top rated by international legal publishers year after year. The group consists of a large number of specialists, which means that we possess the cutting-edge expertise required to provide advice in the sector.

Our size, breadth of knowledge and extensive experience enable us to handle complex and very large matters for both small and large companies. Since many of the transactions which take place within the life sciences sector are cross-border transactions, we are accustomed to working with international counterparties on transactions and commercial agreements. Moreover, Lindahl's independence enables us to make use of the most suitable foreign lawyers from our extensive international network - always in the most cost effective manner.

Commercial Agreements

The agreements entered into by life sciences companies are, to a greater extent than in other industries, characterized by conditions which are unique to the sector. We know this. Therefore, an advisor requires both a genuine understanding of and experience in just that, life sciences. Lindahl's lawyers within the area have extensive and comprehensive experience in assisting individual researchers and inventors, universities and colleges as well as companies in various stages.

We assist all types of companies, from large pharmaceuticals companies to companies in an early stage of development. Examples of agreements which we regularly work with include: research agreements, cooperation agreements, licensing agreements and manufacturing agreements.


Life sciences companies have been considerably active in transactions in recent years. To a large extent life sciences companies have sought financing, often on the public capital markets. There has also been a large number of mergers and acquisitions within the sector. At Lindahl, our lawyers have significant expertise in advising companies, investors and investment banks in connection with life sciences companies raising capital, and carrying out IPOs and takeover bids. We have acted for both buyers and sellers in connection with the sale of companies, businesses and product rights. We regularly conduct due diligence on companies within the sector.

Intellectual Property Law

For a life sciences company, intellectual property rights are of crucial importance, especially patents and trademarks. Lindahl's lawyers have been top rated for many years within this area and handle everything from trademark applications to complex patent proceedings with international ramifications. We also have the contacts and partnerships to secure the technical expertise which may be necessary in various matters. Moreover, our expertise in intellectual property law means that we are able to fully manage and secure intellectual property rights when drafting commercial agreements and handling transactions within the life sciences sector.

Regulatory Issues

The regulatory framework for the life sciences sector is extensive, both at the European and national levels. In addition to legislation, companies must also comply with governmental rules and regulations produced by industry associations such as LIF, the Swedish association of the pharmaceuticals industry. The deregulation of the pharmacy market has led to an expansion of the regulatory framework and issues which arise may now have clear links to marketing, competition and public procurement. Lindahl provides advice within all these areas based on its significant experience. We assist clients in obtaining and maintaining the permits and authorizations the business requires. We also assist in regulatory disputes. Our experience and expertise within the regulatory area is strengthened by the fact that we often assist clients in related industries such as food and cosmetics.